Monty and Me

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Dear Diary,

Today Monty and I woke up bright and early. We didn’t want to disturb anyone so we turned on our TV and watched The Adventures of Peter Penguin. We love that show! The penguin is always up to something.


After lunch mom let us play in the backyard. We decided to play Hide-and-Go-Seek. First I counted to 10, and Monty hid. He was easy to find! He was watching for me from behind a tree. Then he counted to 10. Well, it was more of a squeaky sound, but he still did it to 10. He found me pretty quickly too. I was hiding beside the house watching him. As we continued to play, we got better. We stopped watching each other and started to trick one another. For example, When I was hiding in the bushes I found some small rocks. I picked up a few and threw them on the other side of the yard when Monty wasn’t looking. It was so funny! He ran over to where the rock landed, and couldn’t find me. He tricked me by rustling the leaves with a stick.


We were a little tired after our game of Hide-and-Go-Seek, so we went inside and played Legos. Monty was a huge help. He brought me the exact Legos I needed. We created a city, and he even helped me design a few skyscrapers.


Before dinner, mom said we should get some fresh air. Monty had the brilliant idea of playing on the trampoline. We jumped for what seemed like hours, but in reality it was only about 20 minutes or so. In that time, I taught him to do a back flip, and he taught me to do belly flops. We had so much fun. We laughed until our bellies hurt.


After dinner we created a fort out of the quilts mom keeps in the chest in the living room. We draped them over the back of the couch and propped two chairs near us for the sides of the fort. Monty and I told scary stories, read books, and ate LOTS of junk food. We ended up spending the night under there.


It was another great day with Monty!

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