Just Bud’s Luck


Bud’s luck changed dramatically throughout the book. In the beginning, Bud’s luck seemed to be bad. For example, we know that his mom died and that he was in a orphanage then, sent to a few foster homes. The last foster home he went to was the Amos’. Bud’s luck here was rotten. Bud was not treated well. On page 9 it states, “Todd’s next punch crashed into the side of my ear and I fell on the floor and pulled my knees up to my chest and crossed my arms in front of my head like a turtle in a shell.”  In addition, the Amos’ locked Bud in a scary shed. The shed had…….. Bud then escaped and was sleeping under a tree.

In the middle of his journey, he met some friends at Hooverville. His luck seemed to be changing. He met Deza Malone and got his first kiss. He was given food and a place to stay. After leaving Hooverville, he was picked up by Lefty Lewis. Lefty gave him food and red pop. He was taken to Lefty’s daughter’s house. He had a bed to sleep in and food to eat in the morning. On page _____  Lefty promised not to look in Bud’s suitcase. Bud was happy to realize that Lefty was a man of his word and didn’t look. Lefty also dropped him off in Grand Rapids. This is where Bud wanted to go. Bud thought that Herman E. Calloway was his dad.

At the end of the book on page _______ Bud said, “I knew this is where I belonged.” Bud’s luck continued to improve when the band members gave him a name. On page 197 Bud was happy to be included. It said, “Sleepy LaBone. Shucks, that was the kind of name that was enough to make you forget folks had ever called you Buddy, or even Clarence.” He discovered that Herman E. Calloway was his grandfather and he finally had a home.

Throughout the book we saw how Bud’s luck went from bad to good. He began in a foster home that treated him poorly and ended in his grandfather’s home and a member of the band.

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