Northeast Natives

Northeast Natives


600 years ago, before Columbus came, Northeast Natives lived here. Their food, shelter, and ways of life were different from what we have today.


They got their food from their surroundings. The men went out and hunted for food; they hunted deer, fish, buffalo, and birds. The women also picked berries. They would pick the berries in the summer. They also ate rice and beans.


Their homes were much smaller than ours. They made wigwams. Wigwams were made from sticks and tree bark and were dome shaped. They could take their wigwams apart and move them. Along with wigwams, they built longhouses. In their longhouses, they smoked tobacco, told stories, and planned wars.


There are some other interesting facts about Northeast Natives.  They moved a lot. They would move to follow the herds. They slashed and burned trees and plants to build fields and place their homes. These natives spoke a language called Algonquian.


In conclusion, the Northeast Natives lived very differently than we do today. They hunted for food, built shelters that could be moved, and grew some crops.

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