What Would You Do?

Here is a problem for you: Let’s say that you know your friend took money from someone in your classroom. We’re not talking a dollar or two (although that’s not right either), we’re talking like $20. I know, that’s a lot! Maybe that friend is telling you that you better not tell. Maybe your friend […]

Go Animate

Go Animate

Recently, I have been singing the praises of Go Animate. My students and I love the format. They choose characters add dialog. We have incorporated this into our math. We have started our very own website on fractions. Many students have chosen to explain these concepts via Go Animate. They are so into it. Well, […]

Marble Roll

Marble Roll

For the past few weeks, students have been working on building ramps for a ‘Marble Roll’. Each ramp had to be 61cm. When the students completed their task, they then conducted an experiment. Each group did time trials, 10 times for each variable. They then averaged out the results to see which variable gave them […]

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yesterday we celebrated Dr. King and all his accomplishments. One way in which many celebrate was through a Day of Service. This means that some people volunteered their time in order to help their community. Some people helped clean up their neighborhoods, while others worked with some local organizations. What are some of your thoughts […]

Google Teacher Academy

Well, today I (Ms. N.) leave for Google Teacher Academy in Mountain View, CA. I will be one of 50 teachers that gets some really great, yet intense, training. I am very excited to go and am finding it hard to concentrate this morning. I will be tweeting throughout the next 2 days. You can […]

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